DS:R and Other Q&A with Ayano-san

Mar 11, 2013 // ComboFiend

After the recent playtests in Japan, Ayano-san was asked further questions on various topics from how input lag for DS:R was tested to what he thinks about Super Street Fighter 4’s Gouken. As he did not have time to answer the questions in the last blog, he takes time out of his busy schedule to address fans this time around. Hit the jump to read this amusing question and answer.

Hello, everyone. Tomoaki Ayano here again.

March 14 marks the Japanese release of Darkstalkers Resurrection. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the first print made available for pre-order on the e-Capcom store completely sold out! Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Now, let’s answer some of the questions you fans have been asking.

This is one thing I’ve been wondering about—is Darkstalkers Resurrection just a simple HD remake? We’ve been getting a lot of cool stuff like character intro videos that obviously take a lot of time and resources, so I’m beginning to believe this is the start of something more, right?

A: Of course it’s an HD remake, but the big addition is online play. When the games were first released you could only play with someone in the same arcade or room, but with Darkstalkers Resurrection you can play with anyone in the world! The character intro videos we’ve been producing are a way of getting new gamers to see what the big deal is. As for “something more,” I definitely want to do that too! That’s why we’re trying our best to push the game and get a lot of new players. It’d help things if you bought both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game!


Answer this and I’ll buy another copy of Street Fighter X Tekken 😉 If you were to add a new character to a new Darkstalkers game, what kind of character would you make?

A: Well, thanks for buying that extra copy of SF x TK! Heh. Personally I’m a pitbull type of player, so I’d love a character that could get up close and personal with an opponent. It’d be a character that’s not good at fighting long range, but that can put some serious hurt on anyone at close to mid-range. Either that or a character that can slowly chip away at an opponent and frustrate them into making mistakes! I also like that type of character.

I’m not sure what kind of monster I would use as a base, since there are so many classic monsters in the world, but it’d be cool and a challenge to base it on a Japanese monster that’s not known for its fighting prowess.


Any hidden characters?

A: Obviously I can’t say, but no one has been removed, that’s for sure!


What exactly is this Premium Sound Track for the Japanese e-Capcom version?

A: It includes a special mix of original tracks from Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, character BGM, and so on. The cover art was done specially for the CD.


Please tell us about the input lag in the arcade and console versions.

A: We tested Darkstalkers Resurrection with CRT monitors. Compared to the arcade versions of Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, the input delay on Darkstalkers Resurrection is within 2 frames. From a software and hardware perspective, that is the closest we can tune the game. The main reason that you may experience a lot of input lag is due to the type of TV/monitor you use, so we recommend using either a monitor with a very high refresh rate, or a CRT monitor. (The latter may be hard to do in this day and age…)

We used Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PRO controllers to do our testing. There’s no difference in input between the Mad Catz controllers and the standard controllers that come with your system.


I’m having a lot of fun with Street Fighter X Tekken, but I wonder if you guys could answer something for me. In SF x TK, when you perform a jumping attack you can make your opponent guard, but then they can hit you with a Shoryuken or 3 frame jab. Why do jumping attacks have this disadvantage? Maybe this annoys a lot of people… heh heh.

A: It definitely depends on the blocked move and the height of the move, but I think this turns the game into one where you need to read each other’s moves—you need to anticipate whether someone is going to jab you back or use a Shoryuken as a counter. In SF x TK ver. 2013, the risk in canceling a Shoryuken is pretty big, so being able to read that and catch your opponent in a combo is all part of the mind games!


It would be great if you could add settings such as “First to 3/5/10 Wins” to SF x TK and SSF4’s Endless Battle lobbies. Also, in SSF4, how about being able to create rooms with 500PP? And having an option to disallow character changes would be nice too.

A: Thanks for your suggestions! It’s good to be able to create rooms with lots of specific settings, but doing so can scatter players into lots of different games—it’s a difficult balance. We won’t be able to implement these suggestions into either SF x TK or SSF4 any time soon, but, hey, if you’re playing with your friends, you can always use voice chat or messages to make up your own rules like, “First to 3 wins, loser does 10 sit-ups!”


I’ve spotted your sudden, terrifying new plan: you’re going to make the female characters the best in the game, aren’t you?! I have three other siblings (brothers and sisters), and we all love Street Fighter. Oh, and my dad does too. Can we have a vote on this?

A: Well that’s a bold prediction you’re making, and I wonder what’s going to happen! The results of the Street Fighter Character Poll are going to be announced at PAX East (from March 22) so keep an eye out for them! Thanks for all of the support!


I love the way Gouken looks and plays, but he doesn’t seem to be a popular character. He has this cool sage-like aura about him, and he’s fast too. In some ways, he’s similar to his students and brother, but his techniques have evolved in a different way to theirs. It’s also cool that he’s Ryu and Ken’s teacher, but looks much more intimidating than both of them. I think it’d be awesome if he was put in the spotlight more often…

A: I’m a big fan of Gouken too—he’s fun whether you’re playing as him or against him. His moveset may seem less varied than that of Ryu or Ken, but if you master it, then you can do a lot of damage. He’s not in the spotlight? He’s just turned things over to his students, like any good teacher would!


Well, that’s it for this week! Thanks for reading!