Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is available now!

Aug 08, 2017 // Kellen Haney

In the year of 20XX, a super robot named Mega Man was created, fighting tirelessly for everlasting peace against the reprogrammed robots and wicked creations of the evil mastermind, Dr. Wily. Today, we’re celebrating four of the Blue Bomber’s most recent classic side-scrolling adventures with the release of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, bringing together Mega Man 7, 8 , 9 , and 10 in one mega package, with plenty of bonus content both digitally and at retail across North America starting today for just $19.99!

There’s plenty to check out in this collection of classics, starting with Mega Man 7, which brought the super fighting robot into the 16-bit era. Featuring an expanded story and a new nemesis, Mega Man 7 also brought new concepts to the original series. An in-game shop allows you to purchase helpful items for your adventure, including E-Tanks and extra lives, while branching paths and secret areas lead to cameos and special items.

Mega Man 8 mixes things up, not only by bringing our hero into the 32-bit era, but also introducing new ways to traverse stages. Jump and slide your way through a treacherous snowboard track, then take to the skies using Rush Jet for a unique side-scrolling shooter stage. Mega Man 8 was also the first in the classic series to feature voice acting and fully animated cutscenes to tell the game’s story, with beautiful art and inspired voice work.

Taking things back to days spent way too close to the TV in the living room, Mega Man 9 sparked a retro revolution with a return to the series’ 8-bit roots. Echoing the story of the original Mega Man, Dr. Light’s robots have gone berserk, tearing up the city and landing Dr. Light in jail as a result. Taking things back to basics, jump and shoot your way through old-school platforming challenges and take down the out of control Robot Masters to clear Dr. Light’s name. Once you’ve finished the game once, you’ll be able to access Proto Man as an additional character, and play through additional stages and challenges!

Wrapping up this collection with Mega Man 10, Mega Man and Proto Man are joined by another rival – Bass, who was first introduced in Mega Man 7. Due to the “Roboezna” epidemic, robots around the world have fallen ill or become violent, and it’s up to one of our three heroes to put a stop to them for good. Strangely, Dr. Wily has been working on a cure for the mysterious disease, but can he really be trusted? You can find out for yourself when you play through the game! Just like with Mega Man 9, beating the game once will unlock an additional playable character, Bass, as well as new stages to tackle, including those belonging to the Mega Man Killers, originally released as DLC (which you can find in the “Time Attack” section of the Challenges menu). If you can take them out, you can claim their weapons as your own when you play as Mega Man in the main game! You’ve probably heard of “Buster Only” runs, but have you ever tried a “No Buster” run?

Looking for a quick way to unlock all the additional content for Mega Man 9 and 10 from the get-go? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a helpful blast from the 8-bit past – an old-school cheat code!

There’s tons more features, too – an optional Extra Armor mode reduces damage taken by half, and convenient checkpoint saves allow you to pick up where you left off if your adventure is cut short due to a sudden spike pit. For those of you who know these games like the back of your hand, new stage remix and boss rush challenges are waiting for you in Challenge Mode. Complete with online leaderboards, compete to reach the top of the charts!

That’s not all, though. A full museum is also included, packed with an archive of production art, sketches, development materials, concept art, and more. There’s even a music player so you can jam to your favorite Mega Man tunes from each game in the collection.

Finally, to help celebrate the launch, we have one more piece of art from the legendary Jeffery “Chamba” Cruz featuring Mega Man 10:

You can grab it as a wallpaper for your phone or desktop over at the official Mega Man website later today!

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam for $19.99! Check out the official Mega Man site for info on where to grab a physical copy alongside some free wallpapers representing all four games made by legendary artist Jeffery “Chamba” Cruz of Udon Entertainment, or head over to the PlayStation Store , Xbox Games Store , or Steam to grab a digital copy and get playing.

Good luck, Mega Fans!