Hold It! The Ace Attorney anime debuts on Crunchyroll this weekend

Apr 01, 2016 // Kellen Haney

If you’re anything like me when it comes to Ace Attorney, you probably read that headline and are desperately looking for a link. So here it is ! Need more details? We’re very happy to present to the court that our partners at Crunchyroll will be bringing Gyakuten Saiban (literally “Turnabout Trial,” the name of the series in Japan) direct to your faces, with the first subtitled episode debuting this Saturday, April 2 at 4:00AM PST, just a short time after it airs in Japan, with new episodes each Saturday after! Surely you can’t object to that, Wright?

Touching on the beginning and early stories of the series, the anime will reintroduce fan-favorite characters, including the ace attorney who always turns things around, Phoenix Wright (Naruhodo Ryuichi), the cool and pragmatic prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji), the spunky spirit medium in training, Maya Fey (Ayasato Mayoi), and a whole cast of the colorful characters that make up the world of Gyakuten Saiban. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Winston Payne (Auchi Takefumi), the Rookie Killer himself, in action?

On second thought… don’t answer that. Since the episodes will be subtitled, each character’s Japanese names will be used. It might take a bit of getting used to, so we’ve compiled a quick list for you all of some of the characters’ names that you just might see and hear (don’t forget, surnames are first in Japanese):

Naruhodo Ryuichi (Phoenix Wright)

Mitsurugi Reiji (Miles Edgeworth)

Ayasato Mayoi (Maya Fey)

Ayasato Chihiro (Mia Fey)

Yahari Masashi (Larry Butz)

Itonokogiri Keisuke (Detective Gumshoe)

Auchi Takefumi (Winston Payne)

Oh, and don’t forget to water Charlie!

UPDATE: Not quite the same with Japanese names? We have evidence that shows if you right click on the Crunchyroll web player, you can find an alternate subtitle track that includes each character’s English names. Isn’t that right, Wright?