Farewell, Capcom Unity

Oct 29, 2015 // Minish Capcom

If 1980s Brelston knew he would one day work at Capcom… well, he’d probably freak out. And that’s kinda what I did when I found out I’d be joining the team back in 2011. Capcom was a constant force in my youth, providing countless unforgettable characters, battles, music and art, plus acting as the ice-breaker for several lifelong friendships. Truly, it’s a company that is hard to separate from who I am today. Actually… thanks to my Minish Cap tattoo, I mean that literally!

But life goes on and we all feel the need to grow, change and try other things. So this is my last week at Capcom, with my last day being 10/30. It’s a hard spot to walk away from, for sure. The past four years have given me a profoundly more detailed view of the games industry, from social media & marketing all the way to actual R&D. This knowledge and experience alone would’ve been worth the time spent here, but I also learned a few other lifelong lessons:

1 – I thought I knew a lot about Capcom worlds and lore. By some measure, I do. But you guys put my knowledge to shame and helped me better appreciate the nuances and density of our universes.

2 – Monster Hunter rules, and I was so very wrong about it prior to working here. Hunting Horn for life.

3 – Game development is simultaneously way more complex and way simpler than you’d ever believe.

4 – People get upset because they care. While the words may read harsh, someone on the other end just wants to be heard. Even if a dozen ranting messages make me want to shut down, there’s a core passion that can’t be ignored and should be communicated up the chain.

5 – Conversely, please realize there’s a human on the other side of the nearly infinite blogs, social accounts and phone lines out there. This is important not just as someone on the receiving end, but also as someone who can get upset and occasionally chew out the wrong person 😛

6 – I was also wrong about Battle Network. Turns out it’s better to experience things before passing judgment!

Looking back at Unity itself, there were some great moments I’ll take with me. The Mega Man 10 speedrun contest was a blast, with some amazing back-and-forth times posted on a daily basis. The Okami’s Creed video was one of the silliest workdays I’ve ever had. And literally every single Monster Hunter event was a heartwarming reminder of how welcoming and helpful the Capcom community can be.

Though my title was always Community Manager, I was fortunate enough to dip my toes in many different pools. I helped grease the wheels to get several Virtual Console and PS1 Classics out the door ( including MML , a years-long effort). I remain quite proud of both Mega Man tribute albums , and this year I helped get the Street Fighter II vinyl/CD set conversation moving. I’m not sure other places would’ve allowed me in the meetings, let alone propose and semi-manage their creation.

Every department, from licensing to marketing to publishing to the CEO staff, was interested in what community had to say, and boy howdy, I sure took the opportunity to speak. I know it may seem like things move slowly at times, but that’s because we’re dealing with huge brands that matter to millions. Decisions can’t be made in weeks, months or even in some rare cases, years.

In its 30+ year history, Capcom has had its ups and downs, but when Capcom does it right, Capcom does it right .  And for the first time in four years, I’ll get to experience those highs with you, as a fellow fan.