MMLC Robot Master List: Wood Man

Jul 16, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-016

Weapon: Leaf Shield

Weakness: Atomic Fire

Like Guts and Air Man before him, Wood Man is hefty ‘bot with a commanding presence. As he prepares for battle, he beats his chest like a wild animal and then engages Mega Man with a powerful barrage of razor-sharp… leaves??

What’s really great about Wood Man is that he actually IS primarily composed of wood. Sure he’s got some metal parts in there, but by and large he’s a very “natural” machine that still has one foot in the wild. An interesting mix!

After defeating Wood Man, Mega Man obtains the Leaf Shield, which circles the Blue Bomber and protects him from most incoming harm. However, the moment you take a step, the shield will fly off in that direction. It’s the first “shield” type weapon that we’d see again in Skull and Plant Man.

In addition to having some excellent music, the Wood Man stage is also a blast to play. The fire-breathing Friender dogs were very impressive sprites back in the day, and the stage itself goes from woods to underground to open sky in a short time. It’s a treat to play!

David Oxford, The Mega Man Network

In what could only be described as a fun and amusing coincidence after naming Cut Man my favorite Robot Master from the first Mega Man, Wood Man would prove to be my first conquest in Mega Man 2. It’s such a shame I couldn’t bring the Rolling Cutter with me to my first Robot Master encounter of the sequel; after all, what better way to take down a robot made of wood than to use the tool of a timber-felling robot?

Besides the rocking jungle theme, Wood Man also rocks a much more impressive version of the Leaf Shield than what Mega Man ends up with. Bigger, badder, and it rains additional terror from above! Without the Crash Bomber , Metal Blade , or Atomic Fire , it’s enough to make you want to make like a tree and get outta there!

Outside of the game, I’ve enjoyed how he’s been characterized, particularly in Archie’s Mega Man comic book. Seeing the care he shows for the robotic animals which occupy his woodland stage just warms my heart.