MMLC Robot Master List: Flash Man

Jul 14, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-014

Weapon: Time Stopper

Weakness: Metal Blade

Equipped with a system that can stop time, at least for a little while. He’s not a strong attacker. Fight in the middle of the arena and his attacks will be easily dodged.

OK, so, Dr Wily builds eight of his own robots to take down Mega Man, right? One shoots bombs, another makes big gusts of wind and so on. But one of them, ummm what if he could just like, freeze time? Would that be useful at all?

YES. As a kid I didn’t worry much about the ‘real world’ implications of the Robot Master’s powers, but even back then I was like, Dr Wily has invented a device that freezes time! Surely this fight against Light would be over in seconds – or basically zero seconds, right?

/rant – Anyway, Flash Man hops around his room, stops time briefly and then fires some shots your way. He’s one of the easier fights and thus a great first boss to tackle. Love that running animation!

Mega Man’s version of the Time Stopper is essentially the same – it freezes enemies – but it can’t be deactivated once it’s going! That means once you fire it, you better have a plan. That plan is usually either Quick Man’s stage (for the one-hit-kill beams) OR Quick Man himself.

Like we did with Metal Man last week, we’re gonna offer up another keychain for y’all commenters! We’ll pick someone with a fun, insightful or informative comment about ol’ DWN-014 and send you a Unity PM before the week is out.