MMLC Robot Master List: Crash Man

Jul 14, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-013

Weapon: Crash Bomber

Weakness: Air Shooter

A robot with a sturdy body. He’s barely even phased by most explosions. He’s not too bad as long as you can dodge his Crash Bombs.

No, those aren’t drills on his arms – they’re pointed ‘crash bombs’ that speed across the screen and detonate with a huge area of effect blast. If that wasn’t bad enough, Crash Man also retains some of the agility that allowed Bomb Man to leap across his lair like a bomb-tossing Hulk.

Now, sure that sounds formidable, but if you’re armed with his weakness (Air Man’s Air Shooter), he drops pretty fast. Shoulda spent more money on those defenses, Wily!

The Crash Bomber gives Mega Man the ability to fire his own pointy bombs. You can only have one on the screen at a time though, so you gotta make those shots count! This is especially important during a late-game boss battle…

I think it’s pretty natural – especially as a kid – to assume the pointed objects jutting out from his hands were drills. This made for a great surprise when you entered his chamber and BLAMMO, they’re not drills at all!