Capcom Store at SDCC 2015 – Mega Man helmets, Ryu statue and more

Jul 07, 2015 // Minish Capcom

It’s that time o’ the year again – SDCC is upon us and that means tons of cool new merch! If you’re out and about during the show this year, swing by the Capcom booth for these exclusive items and many more!


This high end statue presents Ryu in his classic fight pose throwing a realistic LED-lit Hadoken fireball that has 4 different light options (ON, OFF, SLOW PULSE, and FAST PULSE) Ryu stands on the same type of base as the Mega Man replica helmet that Think Geek carried last year with 4 LED spotlights, except with the “Street Fighter” logo inscribed on the base. Includes AC Adapter and micro USB cord. Comes in high quality decorated box. 

Available in: Traditional White version and Evil Ryu (with Red Eyes, Purple Hadoken fireball and Evil Ryu symbol on the back of his gi)

Extremely Limited Quantities of each style!


Brand-new Ultra Street Fighter IV Design! Features:                                                                                            

-Works for BOTH PS3 and PS4!

-Official Ultra Street Fighter IV Artwork

-Authentic Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi joystick and buttons

-Intuitive top panel design for easy artwork customization

-Premium-quality components with genuine arcade layout

-3-Way button enables joystick to function as left or right analog stick or D-Pad

-Controller lock/unlock button prevents accidental button presses

-Removable ProCable for easy storage and travel

-Internal storage compartments hold extra tools and parts

-Only 250 units available – first come, first serve. Don’t miss out!



Five classic Mega Man helmets in 1/64 scale featuring Blue, Red, Pink, Grey and Green versions of his iconic helmet from the original games. Each comes with its own display stand or keep it in the stylish window frame decorated box suitable for display.


Due to immense popular demand! There have been many attempts at creating a wearable Mega Man helmet over the years, but it’s never been made officially. Made of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, authentic proportions and details, plus working LED lights! A unique clamshell hinge allows the front and back half of the helmet to easily open up to comfortably fit your head inside the soft padded interior for a perfect fit.

This is a high quality replica of the Blue Bomber’s helmet – perfect for display in home or office, but it also doubles as the ultimate role play accessory! Comes shipped in a decorated box suitable for displaying your helmet when not in use. The perfect addition to those that already purchased the full-size working, sold-out Mega Man Buster from Think Geek last year!

This item will be on display at SDCC but not yet available for sale. Watch shop.capcom.com for a limited time Pre-Order opportunity.


The Capcom Store continues to celebrate the huge success of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with a wide selection of exclusive Monster Hunter items that will appeal to gamers of all ages. First and foremost, we have the adorable Felyne and Melynx represented as deluxe hats, plushes, and giant pillows. There is a brand-new set of 11 diecast pins that comes with an exclusive MH lanyard. Check out the giant Monster Size Chart which measures over 50″ long and features a side-by-side size comparison of every creature from Monster Hunter 4! And due to popular demand – we have more Meat Pillows! Plus, check out the awesome Felyne and Melynx Onesies! 


Capcom returns with the perennial favorite sell-out – The Capcom Grab Bag. Each bag is jam-packed with cool, exclusive Capcom products based on all its brands and can feature anything from video games, tshirts, action figures, collectibles and more. Every bag, every year is different and is always a sure-fire hit and sell out with the fans. Plus, you get an awesome Capcom-branded drawstring bag that you can use everyday at work or school. PLUS: Several of the bags have a “Golden Ticket” which awards you a very valuable, super-cool prize worth $50 or more.

Many of these items will appear on the Capcom Store after the show 🙂

For more about our booth and panels, check out this blog too!