MMLC Robot Master List: Fire Man

Jul 03, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DLN-007

Weapon: Fire Storm

Weakness: Ice Slasher

A waste disposal robot who controls flames reaching temperatures of around 8000 degrees. His Fire Storm is tough to dodge, so be sure to attack with a weapon that plays on his weakness.

Wherever there’s an Ice Man , there must also be a Fire Man – and this one is capable of generating flames that reach 8000 degrees! Now, my solar knowledge is a little rusty these days but I think the surface of the sun is right around 10,000 degrees, making Fire Man’s projectiles quite formidable. And a little overboard!

Like Ice Man and the rest of MM1’s cast, Fire Man had an initial purpose – burning trash. Well, it’s a bit more involved than that I’m sure (he’s sort of a living incinerator), and waste management is a crucial piece of any civilized society. Which begs the question, once Wily took Fire Man away from his duties, did all the trash pile up in, uh, ” Monsteropolis ?”

After reducing Fire Man to shimmering circuitry, you obtain the Fire Storm. This is quite the handy ability as it not only shoots a projectile outward, it also sends a fireball spinning around the Blue Bomber. This offense/defense weapon is great against the Copy Robot and Wily’s machine at the end.

While Fire Man was never my “favorite” Robot Master, I’ve always liked his design. There’s an “elemental knight” vibe going on, and the ever-present flames leaping from his head really complete the look. Another interesting point about Fire Man is that of the original six Robot Masters, he’s the only one with cannon  hands. Elec Man tosses beams from his hands, Ice Man apparently shoots ice from his mouth and so on. So he’s unique in that regard!

Art from the Mega Man Legacy Collection museum

One final note – Fire Man used to be my biggest pain to beat with just the buster. After looking into some tips online, I found a great strategy is to stay exactly where you land when entering his room, and then simply jump/shoot straight up as Fire Man shoots his flame from mid-room. He’ll get caught in a loop where he doesn’t get any closer, nor does he increase his firing rate. You just jump/shoot from the same position over and over. A very simple (if slightly cheesy) way to get that perfect victory 😛

That wraps up our first week of the Robot Master list – more next week, including more comments from the dev team and the community!