Mega Man, Proto Man statues on the way from First 4 Figures

Jan 15, 2014 // Minish Capcom

If at any point in the past five years you’ve been in the market for game-related collectibles, odds are you know First 4 Figures by name. They’ve crafted some amazing sculptures of Link, Samus, Mario and more, and now they’re turning their attention toward the Blue Bomber and his scarf-totin’ brother.

These images are both “work in progress” versions of the final product, but given F4F’s track record you can expect high-quality resin statues when they finally launch. And according to the F4F Facebook page ( via TMMN ) they’re also considering X statues at some point. Until then, we have a silver anniversary Classic / X statue in the Capcom Store!

I’m also a proud owner of a Majora’s Mask Skull Kid and can personally vouch for its excellence! Can’t wait to see an updated image later this year 🙂