Flash kicks, art books among your choices for Remember Me pre-orders

May 08, 2013 // Minish Capcom

Out in less than a month, Remember Me has a couple of options when it comes to pre-orders. Folks on Steam , Amazon and Best Buy can pick up some cool Street Fighter shout-out pressens, while GameStop/EB Games can walk away with a physical goodie…

First up, the pressens. As shown in this video , pressens are the moves you use to customize your combo trees. Each pressen has a different attribute (damage, regen, cooldown or link), but these pre-order pressens take the shape of classic SF moves – namely Flash Kick, Spinning Bird Kick and Dragon Punch!

GameStop/EB Games  buyers get this free Dark Horse 24-page comic, featuring Nilin in one of her earliest memory hunts – naturally that makes this a prequel comic with more amazing art set in Paris 208X. And if you’re looking for even MORE great art, there’s an entire Dark Horse book on the way.

We’ll have some more streams and vids of Remember Me soon!