Revelations news: Rachel raids, Wii U gets unique features

Mar 19, 2013 // Minish Capcom

Lots of new Resident Evil information today! First and foremost is the “revelation” that Rachel – the no-eyed lady who meets a grisly end early on – joins the Raid Mode cast alongside the newly announced Hunk ! And best of all, if you’re attending PAX this weekend, both of these newcomers will be playable on the show floor! (And for what it’s worth, we’ll be streaming them too!)

The console/PC version of Revelations will also see two new enemies join the fray. First, the Wall Blister (seen above being disgusting) will appear in the main campaign, while this guy…

…will harass you to no end in Raid Mode. 3DS players may recognize the model somewhat, I suspect. To see it in Raid you’ll have to… well we can’t spoil that!

Now, on to the Wii U version. Above you’ll see the Wii U Gamepad screen, which is kind of a given. It looks similar to the 3DS’ lower screen, showing map details and weapons and such. But the truly new features are…

1 – The ability to post “game over” messages for others to see. Frustrated because the same baddies keep doing you in? Vent your frustration (with manners!) by posting a message to your friends. Or post a tip if you think you found a useful way to handle the situation.

2 – The “Creature’s Voice” feature, which lets you type greetings, warnings or other such communication through the monsters themselves. Obviously this can get a bit silly, but it’s a strange bit of fun (and of course horror purists can opt out of this wall-breaking feature).

All this plus RER supports residentevil.net, the companion site that launched alongside RE6 and offers regular online events and cool unlockable content . In RER, registered players can each new Raid Mode weapons and even items for the main game.

Resident Evil Revelations jumps to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC on May 21 (24 in EU)!