RE6 title update 2 coming next week

Jan 16, 2013 // Minish Capcom

Just about a month after title update one comes (wait for it) title update two, which brings even more subtle tweaks to the game on January 22.

Agent Hunt mode

-Now available without completing the game first
-Selectable criteria before joining a session: Stage, Region, other settings like Infinite Ammo and Friendly Fire

Stage Selection

-Individual stages within chapters can be accessed any time once completed

General updates

-QTE assist: Players can optionally activate QTE assist from Amateur difficulty inside any other difficulty level (handy for fighting a certain boss at the end of Leon’s campaign on Professional…)

-Some areas have had their difficulty adjusted based on feedback

Again, this will arrive Jan 22 as a title update, so just log on and by the magic of the internet, these features will appear.