Ultimate MvC3 costume blog: Viewtiful Strange pack

Feb 21, 2012 // Minish Capcom

This is it, the final collection of amazing alternate costumes for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. And fittingly enough, today’s pack offers up the most content to date with six additions instead of four. I’ll run through the Capcom side and as usual, Marvel’s Chris Baker will shed some light on the Marvel front.

But before we dive into the details, we have an update regarding the delayed “Ancient Warrior” pack – it will appear on March 6 for a reduced price of $1.99/160 Microsoft Points, as it will only contain Hulk, Arthur and Firebrand. This pack arrives the same day as the Value Pack, which bundles all prior packs into one for the bargain price of $20.00/1600 MSP.

And now… costumes!


Joe drops his flashy outfit for standard civilian duds seen throughout the Viewtiful series. The dev team considered using Captain Blue or even Joe cosplaying as Captain America (as seen in the MvC3 credits) but went for this instead; the other options wouldn’t change Joe’s silhouette much, whereas this outfit mixes things up.


This is a brand new, UMvC3-exclusive look for both Tron and her trusty Gustaff, with the iconic Servbots as serving as inspiration. Notice how the silver trim up top has a space wide enough for Tron to stand up during certain moves. Another consideration was to make Tron look like Roll.


Lots happening in this one! Phoenix himself dons his university attire from Trials & Tribulations, but there’s an extra layer at work – if his voice is set to English, his shirt displays “P” and his shoes “W,” but if you change the voice to Japanese, it appropriate switches to “R” and “N”, reflecting his name in the original versions. Missile looks a bit like Amaterasu’s Talbain skin, and if the team had time, they would’ve liked to make Maya look more like her sister, Mia Fey.


Though Doctor Strange has certainly varied up his look enough over the years to make us think about it a bit, the ultimate decision came down to two options: the way he’s looked for the last couple years or the late-‘60s persona he adopted to kick the butt of a Doctor Strange impostor. We decided “big blue badass” was a little more compelling than “dude in a trench coat.”


Super-observant fans may have noticed that one alternate color scheme, the one that referenced his most iconic costume , was missing in the jump from MvC3 to UMvC3.  The reason – we’re doing it right this time. Before MvC3, whenever most people thought “Dormammu” (well, if they even knew who he was), they thought of the guy this costume. Though I’m thinking this game’s popularity may have changed that…


I’ve seen it stated that this new look for Nova is based on his new look in the comics (specifically, MARVEL POINT ONE ). Close! But wrong. The truth is, I’m still not allowed to tell you what this Nova is from. You’ll find out soon, I’m told, but I’m sworn to secrecy until then. So…any guesses?…