Mega Man 1 Stream Incoming. You Could Win This Rockman 10 CD

Jan 27, 2012 // Minish Capcom

UPDATE – Stream over! But you can still try to win the CD!

We’re about to kick off our first of 12 monthly live streams featuring the classic Mega Man games! Watch along and you could win a Rockman 10 soundtrack CD!

Watch here or head to our Twitch TV page for the full sized player and chat window.

For a chance to win the Rockman 10 CD – comment in this article and tell me which classic Mega Man song is your favorite AND WHY. I’m quite the VGM fan so you’ll need to really sell me on which song is your personal favorite. I’ll send a Unity PM to the answer I like the best. This is a fantastic 8-bit album with all the tracks from Mega Man 10, btw.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next stream!