Capcom Snapshots: Red

May 10, 2024 // David Poole

We’re rolling out the red carpet for these Capcom Snapshots!

Two weeks ago, we asked for you to share your burning red images, and we had some fantastic entries. With red being such a striking color, we enjoyed seeing what everyone chose for their scarlet subject. Check out our selections below!

hikari_yukihana brings the pain to an unfortunate soul with Stygian Zinogre’s Voltage Crash in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

2GrayFox3 gives us a look at the Metro City Chinatown nightlife in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour.

brukaoru paints the town red with Dante using the Dr. Faust equipment in Devil May Cry 5.

MistyIsHere shares our favorite red-clad defense attorney, Apollo Justice, as he humbly fights for his client in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy.

RosemaryWin0 shows us just how striking Ada’s iconic red can be in Resident Evil 4 – Separate Ways.

wa_ca_bi closes things out with this red veiled image from Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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4. Images must not contain any personal information.
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