Capcom Snapshots: Ed

Mar 15, 2024 // David Poole

The newest round of Capcom Snapshots are here, so time to ring the bell!

With the recent release of Ed in Street Fighter 6, we asked for your best shots featuring the psycho-powered boxer. We got some really great shares, so check them out below!

sandxblast seems to be exhibiting their strong desire to learn from Ed’s teachings in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour. Think he’ll accept?

2GrayFox3 shares a stunning portrait of Ed, shrouded in the steam of the Metro City subway.

FerrousMettle takes a full hit from Ed’s psycho-powered fist, but we think they’re okay.

JoaoMayCry shows us a more fun side to Ed, hanging out and calling all challengers.

the_questionable_agent_a may want to be careful taunting Ed. As we’ve seen above, he’s known to be able to deliver a pretty good knockout.

lona_________ demonstrates their power for Ed. Think the student can surpass the Master?

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Next theme: Swords!

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