Capcom Snapshots: Metal

Jan 12, 2024 // David Poole

These metal Capcom Snapshots are pure gold!

Last week, we asked you to share your in-game shares featuring metal, and you’ve delivered some excellent choices on a silver platter. Check out our lustrous selections below.

SarrMawa kicks things into high gear with a Metal Man showdown in Mega Man Legacy Collection (Mega Man 2).

OguzhanSivri_ gives us an eerie shot of a suit of metal armor in Resident Evil 4.

HibaPlaysGames shows off one of Iris’ metal inventions in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

silentgear1 puts the pedal to the metal by riding the Cavaliere in style in Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition.

TheQuarterGuy shares a fight with MetalMan.EXE in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (Mega Man Battle Network 3).

(Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective SPOILER WARNING: Click here for image)

TheREALKoopaTV closes things out with a room full of metal objects to possess in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

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