Capcom Pet of the Month: January 2024

Jan 03, 2024 // David Poole

Happy New Year! Time to kick off 2024 with our January Pet of the Month.

Meet Indiana Bones, one of the newest members of our Capcom family. At just 6 months old, she’s an Australian Shepherd with a lot of energy and a heart of gold! Sometimes referred to as Indy, she definitely doesn’t belong in a museum, but she’ll gladly use her time to explore and learn about the world around her.

She may not have her archeology degree yet, but that doesn’t stop her from digging, perhaps for treasures or other artifacts from the distant past. We suppose it’s possible that she may just be digging for the fun of it as well.

Ever curious, Indiana Bones is always open to learning new tricks. Perhaps she hasn’t mastered how to use a bull whip just yet, but she will happily give you a firm handshake to show what a good girl she is. While she may still be young, she’ll likely gain quite a bit of mileage at this rate.

Tune in on the first Wednesday of every month to see the next Capcom Pet of the Month!