Capcom Snapshots: Snow

Dec 15, 2023 // David Poole

Stay frosty with these chilly Capcom Snapshots!

Last week, we asked you for a flurry of in-game photos featuring snow, and you definitely delivered! Check out our snowy selections below!

C_my_art_2002 gives us a cold open with Tundra Man’s stage in Mega Man 11.

invisiblekatana shares a “cool” shot of Dante posing in Devil May Cry 5.

TheQuarterGuy leaves us out in the cold in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (Mega Man Battle Network 4).

kanon06 captures a candid shot of Velkhana in the Frost Islands of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

XNobleboy77 jumps into action in Freeze Man’s stage in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (Mega Man 7).

TheREALKoopaTV leaves us out in the cold in this shot from Okami HD.

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