Capcom Snapshots: Vergil

Nov 10, 2023 // David Poole

The storm approaches with some powerful new Capcom Snapshots!

Last week, we asked for more power for this week’s Capcom Snapshots spotlight, and you definitely delivered with your stunning Vergil photos. With almost too much power to handle, choosing between all the submissions was a daunting task. Even so, we persevered, and we hope you all enjoy our selections.

Yamato_201 shares this stellar close up that’s just bursting with power.

toriedoodles brings us an image of a motivated man and his unlucky target.

LunarVanille shows us that Vergil has an impeccable fashion sense.

JaxDungeon puts plenty of heart into their Vergil display.

drusoona pulls the Devil Trigger and unleashes a demon with unspeakable power.

NeroAngelo31245 closes us out with this glorious arrangement of a man against the world.

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4. Images must not contain any personal information.
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