Hammerheads HQ #5 – More Alpha Variant Suit Previews, Unlock Info and New Modules!

Aug 04, 2023 // Kellen Haney

Hey Exofighters, welcome to Hammerheads HQ #5!

For those of you that have completed Exoprimal’s story, we hope you enjoyed your time with last weekend’s Savage Gauntlet Trail 1! That was a lot of T. rexes for Downtown!

In today’s post, we’re taking a look forward as we prepare for Title Update 1’s arrival on August 16th, bringing Alpha variant suits as well as new modules with it. We’ve got fresh details on how you’ll unlock Alpha Variant exosuits, as well as detailed new info straight from Exoprimal’s Director Hiraoka on the new modules as well as four of the Alpha variant suits!

New Modules and more Alpha Variant Suits

Title Update 1’s new variant suits change the combat range and strategy of each of the default suits by giving them different weapons, so we took a moment to speak with Exoprimal’s Director Hiraoka to get the finest of combat data on these upcoming additions.

But, before we talk about the suits themselves, let’s confirm how you’ll unlock them!

Unlocking Alpha Variant Exosuits

Once Title Update 1 is live, all 10 of the Alpha variant exosuits will be available to unlock and use in the wargames. To unlock and use the Alpha version of a given suit, you’ll need to get the base version of that exosuit to suit level 20. If you already have your favorite exosuits at level 20 or higher, you’ll be able to immediately access the Alpha versions for use in the wargames.

Now you know how to unlock the new exosuits, let’s see what exciting new info Director Hiraoka has to share on the new modules and a selection of the Alpha variant suits!

Director Combat Data – Additional Modules

Hey everyone!

Title Update 1 will see the addition of new modules. This includes the base modules that any suit can equip, suit-specific modules for the Alpha variant suits, and action modules that either the default or Alpha variant suits can use.

These modules can be unlocked by raising your level. For base modules, this means your player level, while for the suit and action modules, you need to level up the relevant Alpha variant suit.

Let’s take a look at one of each type module.

The Renewal base module increases the HP that friendly suits will have after you recall them during battle when they are downed. Equipping this module on a tougher Tank suit or, say, Nimbus, which can use its Holo Warp to quickly reach downed allies, is sure to help your team shore up its front line defenses.

Next is the D – Linear Thrust action module for Deadeye. Equipping this lets you repulse enemy Exofighters and small dinosaurs when using the charged Thrust Attack. It’s almost as if Deadeye is able to use Zephyr’s Linear Strike! This module can be equipped by both the standard and Alpha variant of Deadeye.

A total of 34 new module are being added in this update, so I hope you look forward to trying them out on both kinds of suit and coming up with new loadouts and strategies!

Director Combat Data – Alpha Variant Intel

Zephyr Alpha: Energy Chakram

The default Zephyr is specialized for melee attacks, and you need to get close to enemies in order to hit them with its Tonfa Blitz attack. Since the suit has low HP,  you need to make good use of Turbine Step to avoid taking damage. Another key factor in using this suit effectively is keeping an eye on the cooldowns of Linear Strike and Sky High, and using those moves at just the right moments when you need a burst of attack power.

In contrast to the close range style of the standard suit, Zephyr’s Alpha variant is more mid-range and uses the chakram on its arms to shoot energy halos. These have a critical distance at which they can do the most damage, so unlike the default suit, you’ll want to manage your distance from the enemy and not be too close-up.

Since Linear Strike or Sky High won’t connect at a distance from your foes, Turbine Step changes from a dodge move to a gap-closer that lets you take advantage of opportunities to get up close, use melee moves, and then get back to your critical striking distance.

Roadblock Alpha: Fortress Shield

Roadblock in its default form is the epitome of the Tank role, drawing in enemies with its taunt and taking their attacks for the team. Using its shield to hold back hordes of Raptors or a Triceratops is one of those quintessential Exoprimal moments that makes this such a reliable exosuit.

While the default Roadblock is designed to become the frontline, the Alpha Variant lets you place a shield called a Sentinel Wall to create that line. This means you can draw enemies in towards your shield while you yourself move to another position, and your strategy is centered on where to place the shield rather than where you should be.

Retrieving the shield causes it to explode and damage nearby enemies, so choosing the right moment to do so is a fun and useful technique!

Krieger Alpha: Charge Shotgun

Krieger’s default K-40 Repulsor Minigun is effective at suppressing enemies using its wide-range firepower, and its active skills Dome Shield and Stunlock Missile work well in combination to stop an enemy onslaught in its tracks.

For the Alpha Variant, we’ve replaced its weapon with the A-40 Pulverizer, a massive shotgun. Each shot is more powerful than those of the minigun, but the ability to charge shots is the most unique aspect of this weapon.

Uncharged shots have a wider spread, allowing you to damage multiple enemies in front of you, while charged shots compress the shot into a pinpoint attack on a specific spot which not only causes damage but can even knock smaller enemies back. This makes Krieger’s Alpha variant great at tackling specific enemies that need to be taken care of.

Witchdoctor Alpha: Duality Beam

Witchdoctor’s default Neuro Rod generates electricity that has a paralyzing effect across a wide area, so it doesn’t require especially precise aiming to be effective. This lets players focus more on their positioning relative to their teammates and the timing at which to use this move.

This contrasts with the Alpha Variant of Witchdoctor, which uses a Quantum Rod. It’s a bit more like Skywave’s Aether Lance in that it both damages enemies and heals allies. Its range is also changed to be a direct beam, so players will need to be more precise about who they are aiming their attack or heal at. That said, even its normal attacks have a healing effect on allies, so if you position yourself well, you’ll be able to put out more heals than with the default suit.

In addition, the longer you keep attacking an enemy, the strong the effect becomes, so moving around to keep your beam focused on one enemy will become a crucial technique on the battlefield.

Intel Summary

That was quite an intel drop from Director Hiraoka! So, to summarize:

  • 34 new modules, some that work with both base and Alpha suits, with others are designed specifically for Alpha variants.
  • Alpha variant suits have new weapons to carve out dynamic new strategies.
  • Unlock a suit’s Alpha Variants by getting the base version of the suit to level 20.
  • Total playable exosuits are being doubled from 10 to 20 on August 16th!

The wargames are evolving. We look forward to seeing how you incorporate these new exosuits in your battles against the dinosaurs and rival exofighters.

Stand by for Dimensional Integration

That wraps up the latest Hammerheads HQ post!

We hope you all enjoyed this deeper dive into the new content coming to the game as part of Title Update 1!  

We’ll be back again soon for our next community post, as Director Hiraoka details the remaining Alpha Exosuits ahead of their arrival!

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On behalf of the Exoprimal community team, thanks, Exofighters, and we’ll see you in the wargames!