The Rampage marches onto Monster Hunter Rise

Feb 17, 2021 // Yuri Araujo

We’ve heard the early reports of the Rampage from Elder Fugen, now we get a new glimpse of what it actually looks like. Gear up and work together to fend off the oncoming onslaught.

Today’s Nintendo Direct 2.17.2021 debuted our Rampage Trailer, featuring a closer look at the Stronghold, Kamura Village’s primary defense systems designed to fend off large numbers of monsters. Barricades will slow them down, and installations will “discourage” their advances, but it’ll be up you to work together and repel monsters.

So, make sure you’re geared up with your best weapons and armor, and give it all you’ve got to protect Kamura!

In your preparations, you’ll need to venture out to dangerous locales in search of the best monster-based equipment to take on the Rampage. The slippery and tough leviathan Almudron has descended upon the Sandy Plains, bringing with it the very peculiar ability to control mud for both offense and defense. Shrouded within the scorching Lava Caverns, the Rakna-Kadaki and its swarming offspring, Rachnoid await you. A single misstep against this monster can get you tied up in a sticky web and roasted alive by its fiery gas attacks.

Protecting Kamura from the Rampage is a great responsibility and challenge, but don’t forget you’ll be equipped with various powerful tools and companions to assist you in this quest: Wirebugs, Palicoes and Palamutes and Wyvern Riding. If you’ve missed any info on these, check out our previous blog entries to learn how they’ll aid you in your hunts.

Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Head on over to our website to see our various game editions and pre-order bonuses.