TAKE THAT! Apollo Justice is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this November!

Aug 09, 2017 // Kellen Haney

All rise for the big news – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth game in the mainline Ace Attorney series, is coming to Nintendo 3DS this November via the Nintendo eShop for just $19.99! For both long-time fans and greenhorn attorneys alike, enjoy Apollo’s early court cases with updated visuals and a fresh take on the series’ trademark courtroom battles and investigations.

Keeping with the spirit of the original release, the game’s artwork has been updated to take advantage of more modern screens, giving Apollo and the colorful cast of characters a crisp, clean look and detailed animations. Seasoned veterans will also appreciate the option to quickly skip text – even if you haven’t read it already! You’ll also be able to choose between English and Japanese versions of the game from the main menu, which is more than a simple language switch option. As fans know, special care is always taken with the series’ localization, both in text and in the game’s art. See if you can find all the differences in the background art of this room from the Japanese version and English version, both included in this release:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Apollo’s earlier cases, or those of you who picked up the series starting with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, you may be surprised to find out that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney stars… Apollo Justice.

When we first meet Apollo, the fledgling attorney has just started his law career, though he’s had plenty of vocal training to make his objections and his self-reassuring mantra of “I’M FINE” as loud as possible for his first case. The only time he’s previously spent in a court of law has been to assist his mentor and employer, Kristoph Gavin, a highly-regarded and well-known defense attorney that earned the nickname “coolest defense in the West” due to his ability to stay calm and collect his thoughts under intense pressure. With Gavin’s supervision, Apollo is called up to lead the defense of his first major case, personally chosen as the defense attorney for… Phoenix Wright, disbarred defense attorney. Accused in the murder of Shadi Smith during a card game gone wrong, Apollo must find a way to clear the ex-attorney’s name while uncovering some shocking revelations.

That’s just the first of four full cases in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Sticking to what the series does best, you’ll meet and work with and against plenty of wacky and colorful characters during your investigations. Klavier Gavin, a rockstar both onstage and in the courtroom and brother to Kristoph, doubles as a well-known prosecutor who melts defense attorney’s cases when he’s not melting faces with his guitar live on stage. Trucy Wright, a talented magician and Phoenix’s adopted daughter, serves as both an assistant to Apollo during his investigations as well as a constant foil to the straight-laced Apollo with her incredible prowess for illusions and insistence on calling the young lawyer “Polly.” You’ll see a few returning faces from past and future games, too, such as Ema Skye, a police investigator with big dreams of joining the forensics team and a bigger appetite for her favorite junk food, Snackoos. And that’s before we get to the outlandish witnesses that you’ll cross-examine in court to find the truth!

It’s not an Ace Attorney game without courtroom antics, of course, and Apollo brought a few tricks of his own to the defense’s bench. Familiar gameplay such as pressing witnesses for more information, scrutinizing statements, and presenting evidence are all there, with an extra wrinkle in the form of Apollo’s mysterious bracelet. Apollo has a knack for detecting when someone’s lying – when his bracelet constricts, Apollo can focus on a witnesses’ testimony, looking for nervous habits or other signs that they’re not telling the truth. It gives him a powerful edge in court when it comes to cross-examination – find the right statement and a witnesses’ nervous tic, and hit them with a “GOTCHA!”

Outside of the courtroom, Ema Skye’s love of forensics makes her an unexpected ally to Apollo’s investigations. With the unique capabilities of the 3DS, you’ll be able to dust for fingerprints and rotate evidence to look at it from every angle in your search for clues and the truth.

The loud lawyer’s journey has only just begun in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds this November for $19.99! Can’t wait until then? You can always grab the original Ace Attorney Trilogy to catch up on earlier events, or see Apollo in action in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice to hold you over until November.