Dead Rising 4 goes full Capcom

Jan 30, 2017 // Jeffery Simspon

Since Frank West first donned a Servbot head and stopped to grab a meal at Jill’s Sandwhiches in 2006’s Dead Rising the zombie slaying series has been rich with the backdrop of Capcom characters. Over a decade later the development team behind the Dead Rising series here at Capcom Vancouver delights in putting references and nods to our favorite Capcom’s characters.

Today we’re adding five new Street Fighter costumes (pictured above) for Frank West to wear in Dead Rising 4. Designer John Ellenton that worked on selecting which classic Street Fighter characters would get into Frank’s wardrobe noted that he picked Cammy, M. Bison, Guile, T-Hawk and Zangief because, “They’re all very iconic and we felt these costumes would fit well with Frank. We specifically picked Cammy because we thought it would be funny to see Frank dress in Cammy’s iconic look.”

Even before today’s free update Capcom blood ran deep in Dead Rising 4 . From the Frank West’s continued love of wearing Servbot heads to Street Fighter themed t-shirts and holiday sweaters to the out and out Capcom lovefest that is the SuperPunch Comics store in the new Willamette Memorial Megaplex in Dead Rising 4 .

At Capcom Vancouver we pride ourselves on making the Dead Rising series, and one of the most fun things about the series is being able to imbue it with nods to the great Capcom games that we love. From Mega Man to Street Fighter and beyond it’s been a joy that we get to celebrate our love of Capcom.

Now put on your Cammy outfit and smash some zombies!