Season 2 Balance Changelist Fixes and CFN Improvements

Jan 27, 2017 // Harrison Young

Hey everybody!

Hope you all have been enjoying Akuma and Season 2 of Street Fighter V.

We have a small update for you today regarding the Season 2 balance changes and Capcom Fighters Network (CFN).

First off, there were a few typos and changes that weren’t listed in the balance changelist we released back in December. Those have been fixed and added to the official list, which you can view here: game.capcom.com/cfn/sfv/adjust2017/en/1….

Changes not originally listed in the balance changelist:


Bonshogeri – Knockback on Crush counter extended by 3F


Crouching LP – Chain cancelling frames changed from 9F-10F ⇒ 10-11F

Ryodansatsu – Air hitbox and total frames adjusted slightly


EX Bull Head – Changed recovery from 28F ⇒ 23F


Power Drop – Changed attack startup from 5F ⇒ 6F

Changes that were incorrectly listed in the balance changelist:


Incorrect: L Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger) – Removed throw invincibility

Correct: L Shoryuken (Normal/V-Trigger) – Did not remove throw invincibility


Incorrect: Standing MK – Slowed down timing of startup on V-Trigger cancel by 3F

Correct: Standing MK – Slowed down timing of startup on V-Trigger cancel by 5F

Additionally, we’ve been monitoring character performance since the release of Season 2 balance patch. We are currently analyzing this data to see what, if any, additional adjustments may be needed.

We’re also happy to announce that the team has been hard at work for several months to improve the network quality of CFN. We can’t share all of the details quite yet, but we are anticipating an update this Spring. We have more news to share on this in the coming months.

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