Mega Man X3 takes the New Nintendo 3DS for a ride

Nov 10, 2016 // Patrick Kulikowski

Mega Man X3 rides on in portable form for the North American Virtual Console on the New Nintendo 3DS !

Like Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 before it, the game costs $7.99 and you’ll need a New Nintendo 3DS in order to relive the 1996 classic.

If you thought peace and tranquility were restored after defeating Sigma in Mega Man X and Mega Man X2, think again! In X and Zero’s third and final entry on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, they must put a stop to Dopple Town, a robot utopia-gone-haywire thanks to the nefariousness of the corrupted Dr. Doppler.

While you open up your eShop to purchase and download the game, read on to find out what makes Mega Man X3 a solid swan song to the 16-bit era of Mega Man!

1.       Zero’s back – and he’s finally playable!

For the first time in the Mega Man X series, players can call in Zero to do battle against the Maverick forces. While Zero can’t take on mini-bosses or the Mavericks themselves (that’d be too easy!) he can be used to dash, jump and slice his way through the eight Maverick stages. Charging up Zero to deliver a double-blast of energy followed by a clean slice of his green Z-Saber never gets old.

2.       “X gon’ give it to ya”

Mega Man X3 ups the ante on X’s power-ups. While the classic dash and air dash boots from Mega Man X2 are back, X will also gain the ability to air dash vertically straight up into the air, which is a godsend for dodging enemy attacks and getting up to hard-to-reach places. Additionally, adventurous players will discover enhancement chips strewn about the levels that can be equipped onto an arm, body, leg or head upgrade to give X an extra oomph on the battlefield. Double air dashes? They’re fair game with the leg chip!

As if that wasn’t enough, X can also unlock four different Ride Armor modules that allow him to make short work of enemies and access new areas.

3.       Vile’s back, baby!

Relentless, insane jerk or be-all, end-all war machine? Whatever you may think of Vile, he’s back from his alleged destruction during the events of Mega Man X and he is NOT happy to see X. Pro-tip: He has two weaknesses. Make sure you use both against him!

4.       Gravity Beetle’s stage music still buzzes

Composed by Kinuyo Yamashita (of Castlevania fame), Mega Man X3’s soundtrack (available on the Capcom Store!) continues the X series’ trend of amazingly melodic and catchy tunes. Nothing beats teleporting into Gravity Beetle’s base with a sunset in the background while that three-note bass drum kicks into an instantly memorable guitar riff.

5.       The most epic charged-up X-Buster power up EVER!

While there’s no Tatsumaki SenpÅ«kyaku / Hurricane Kick in this one, ala the Hadouken in Mega Man X and the Shoryuken in Mega Man X2, I think that brilliantly devastating charge shot will suffice! Dang!

So what are you waiting for? X and Zero need you! Grab Mega Man X3 on the Nintendo eShop for your New Nintendo 3DS and/or Wii U for just $7.99! And be sure to share what you love about the game in the comments below.

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