Monster Hunter Generations – July Sampler DLC

Jul 20, 2016 // Yuri Araujo

Monster Hunter Generations is finally here! And as if the game itself wasn’t already packed with content, we just want to remind you we’ll be delivering free DLC on the first Friday of every month, through the beginning of 2017!

If you’re a veteran hunter from MH4U, you already know what to expect, but if MHGen is your first foray into hunting monsters, we actually have a selection of DLC available for download right now, as a sampler of what’s to come down the line.

The DLC will take the form of cosmetic customization options (Guild Card titles and backgrounds, and Pet outfits) as well as useful item packs, special Felynes and unique Quests. Completing some of these Event Quests will net you unique reward items that you can then use to craft special DLC gear.

Nintendo and Capcom collaborations

So far, we’ve announced Fire Emblem, Okami, and a couple of other collaborations with known Nintendo and Capcom gaming IP. Let’s start with a classic look for your Felynes: Mario & Luigi

Quest : Mario: The White Donkey Kong?
Objective : (Prowler) Slay 20 Blangos
Rewards : (Palico) F Mario Set; (Palico) F Luigi Set

Japanese Anime, magazines, etc.

Being the phenomenon this series is in Japan, we’ve also managed to get special collaborations with some Anime as well as other local Japanese magazines and institutions. Here are the Fairy Tail and Universal Studios Japan quests:

Quest : The King of Lynians!
Objective : (Prowler) Defeat a total of 20 Felynes and Melynxes
Rewards : (Palico) F Happy Set

Quest : Flames of Savagery at USJ
Objective : Hunt a Glavenus
Rewards : (Palico) F Meowstar Set; (Hunter Armor) Promising/Lucid Sets

Other Unique DLC

Monster Hunter gear is usually all about showing off your successful hunts by fashioning it after your felled prey—with the occasional shark-shaped lance, but more on that later—so can you get a cool leather jacket or a cardboard armor for you Felynes? DLC, of course!

Quest : Fan Club: Remobra Removal
Objective : Slay 12 Remobras
Rewards : (Head Armor) Shadow Shades; (Torso Armor) Rider Jacket; (Leg Armor) Black Leather

Quest : Initiate: Operation Moofah
Objective : (Prowler) Deliver 20 pieces of Moofah Fur
Rewards : (Palico) F Catboard Set

There are also a couple of additional Challenge Arena Quests that will test your hunting abilities against certain monsters. Here’s the list:

Event: Slay a Gore Magala
Event: Slay a Zinogre
(Prowler) Event: Slay a Royal Ludroth
(Prowler) Event: Slay a Volvidon

And as I said earlier, we’re also giving out some customization items for your Guild Cards and Pets (Poogie and/or Moofy), a handful of Palicoes and a selection of useful items to get you started:


20x Guild Card Titles
1x Guild Card Pose
5x Guild Card Background
1x Pet Outfit



Item Pack

99x Honey
50x Mega Potion
20x Mega Dash Juice
50x Well-done Steak
20x Lifepowder
30x Hot Drink
30x Cool Drink
10x Shock Trap
10x Pitfall Trap
30x Tranq Bomb

Phew… that was a lot of stuff! And this is just the Sampler DLC pack. Again, keep an eye out for more free Monster Hunter Generations DLC on the first Friday of each month (that’s August 5th, September 2nd, October 7th, etc.) for even more content. In the meantime, happy hunting!