Breath of Fire III (PSP) out now on NA PSN

Feb 09, 2016 // Kellen Haney

We’re very happy to announce that the PSP version of Breath of Fire III is now available on the North American PlayStation Store!

Starting today, you’ll be able to digitally download the turn-based RPG classic, compatible with PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV for just $9.99 USD! Keep your eye on those Zenny-to-USD exchange charts.

For those unfamiliar, the PSP version of Breath of Fire III was previously exclusive to Europe and Japan, but we’re super excited to finally bring it to you! This version of the game boasts a number of upgrades over the original PlayStation version, including widescreen support, a redesigned logo, a standalone version of the fishing mini-game, and a few other updates.

Breath of Fire III is a title unlike any other. It was the series’ first foray onto PlayStation, which brought with it superior sprite-work and animation, and a fan-favorite iteration of blue-haired main protagonist Ryu’s dragon transformation abilities. It innovated with its unique, lovable cast of characters, a deep storyline that features a great mix of humor and morally ambiguous elements, and a vibrant pop / jazz soundtrack.

Special thanks to our great friends over at PlayStation and YOU, the fans, for the continued support for this game and series.

Finally, before you delve into Breath of Fire III’s fantastical world of long-lost dragons, bird-like clanspersons, swindling horsemen and mutated onions, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Search every nook and cranny by holding down the ‘R’ button and shifting the camera! That includes the world map, fields and towns. You also might want to examine the two poor saps you burn to a crisp within the first few minutes of the game.
  • Use “Examine” often in battle! By examining enemies, your party members can learn certain enemy skills as soon as they are unleashed upon you!
  • Snatch up every enemy’s possessions by using “Pilfer,” a skill honed by your tiger-like Woren thief buddy, Rei.
  • Seek out the Masters! You can greatly alter character stats and gain unique skills by putting a character under the tutelage of various NPC Masters inhabiting the world.
  • Fish! Breath of Fire III has a “VERY good… GREAT!” fishing mini-game that can net you lots of items you can’t nab anywhere else.
  • Camp often. Not only does this allow you to save your game, rest up and customize your skills, but Ryu’s entourage might have something interesting to say!
  • Save your weaponry! A little Eye Goo once told me that one of the Masters you can apprentice under likes it when you keep 15 of your unused weapons.
  • Soak up that wonderful pop/jazz soundtrack, composed by Capcom alumni Akari Kaida and Yoshino Aoki. It’s too good.
  • That’s all we’ve got! Get the game via PlayStation Store and enjoy.