Resident Evil 0 T-Shirt Contest enters Stage 3, new developer diary available

Sep 03, 2015 // GregaMan

Just a reminder that a new “Stage” of the ongoing  Resident Evil 0  In-Game T-Shirt Contest   has commenced, which, naturally enough, means the previous stage has come to an end, which means we have confirmed another winner! Here’s what our results look like now:

Yep! The cutesy “Super Nurse” took Stage 2. The fate of Stage 3 is still way up in the air, and it’s up to YOU to vote, or heck, submit your own! 

Remember, anyone who votes will receive free early access to the in-game T-shirts for Rebecca when the game is out early next year. You’ll also receive access to the Developer Diary #3 video, which has just gone up alongside the start of this Stage. These diary vids have offered very candid and cool glimpses at the behind-the-scenes development process not just for this remastering, but across  Resident Evil 0’s entire decade-plus history.  They are not to be missed!

Happy voting, and may the best shirt win.