MMLC Robot Master List: Stone Man

Aug 11, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-035

Weapon: Power Stone

Weakness: Napalm Bomb

Made to control a mountain from which the hanging gardens could be attacked. He can’t be damaged when he’s falling apart.

At first glance, Stone Man looks like an updated version of MM1’s Guts Man . He’s a sturdy, rocky ‘bot seemingly designed as a blunt-object powerhouse. But once you engage him in battle, Stone Man’s unique construction reveals itself – he can collapse into numerous rocky pieces and then re-assemble himself. Guts Man just hops around and tosses rocks!

Now, despite such a cool ability, Stone Man is arguably no more of a challenge than his MM1 counterpart. Use the slide to get out of his way and return fire!

Doing so gets you the Power Stone (no relation!), which sends huge rocks spiraling outward. It’s an interesting ability for sure, one that uses visual tricks that maybe weren’t even considered back in 1987.

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (Mega Man 5 debug)

The first team to which I was assigned after joining Capcom was the Mega Man 5 team. By that time, development on the game was almost at the final stage and I was assigned to take care of debugging. There I encountered Stone Man as the “first boss” of my career, so I have an attachment to him. He’s a great boss for training.