MMLC Robot Master List: Top Man

Jul 23, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-021

Weapon: Top Spin

Weakness: Hard Knuckle

Spins at high speeds and has a shield system that renders incoming attacks ineffective. He’s popular at New Year’s, because he can produce toy tops from his head.

Originally built to search for extraterrestrial components needed to build a massive peacekeeping robot, Top Man eventually fell to Dr Wily’s programming and became a fighting robot like his MM3 brothers. How he was meant to succeed in this mission, armed with just tops and the ability to spin fairly fast, is still a mystery :3

The fight against Top Man, however, is one of my favorites in MM3.  He has an enjoyable pattern that easy to understand and fun to practice. Easy with a buster, and cake with the Hard Knuckle!

Gaining the Top Spin  allows Mega Man to SPIIIIIN slam into enemies. It’s perhaps best known as the weapon to use against the aforementioned peacekeeping robot who… uh, is not used for peacekeeping. Someone set this thing to evil!

If ya like that art, don’t forget about the MMLC contest that runs for the next few weeks!