MMLC Robot Master List: Hard Man

Jul 22, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-020

Weapon: Hard Knuckle

Weakness: Magnet Missile

He has a special body reinforced with ceratanium. He weighs three tons. Dodge his Hard Knuckle at the edge of the arena.

Large and in charge, Hard Man throws his weight around big time. First he’ll fire his entire fist at you, then hurl his massive chassis your way with a screen-shaking thud. This impact will stun Mega Man in a manner similar to Guts Man , only this time you freeze even if you’re in the air!

Hard Man’s size also makes him an easy target for the Magnet Missile, which homes in and deals substantial damage. Despite his girth and imposing appearance, Hard Man falls with ease.

You’re then treated to the Hard Knuckle, which fires a floating fist across the screen. You can somewhat guide its path, although its initial slow firing speed makes it a difficult weapon to use outside of Top Man’s fight.

While he’s not a construction robot per se, his stage is reminiscent of Guts Man’s and you get a solid “excavation” feeling from the design. It’s been said Hard Man enjoys sumo wrestling, which makes me want to see him & Guts Man go at it!