MMLC Robot Master List: Magnet Man

Jul 20, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-018

Weapon: Magnet Missile

Weakness: Spark Shock

Draws in enemies with his strong magnetic power. Dodge his homing Magnet Missiles by sliding.

Slapping a giant magnet on a robot’s head isn’t the first thing I’d do when designing combat machines, but it actually works out pretty well for Magnet Man. His control over magnetic forces allows him pull Mega Man against his will, as well as fire homing missiles can turn on a dime.

With a fair bit of speed and two different methods of attack, Magnet Man is a solid addition to the Mega Man 3 roster.

When you defeat him and gain the Magnet Missile, you’ll be able to fire your own homing magnets that can turn 90 degrees and collide with your target. They don’t truly track your enemies, but it’s still a handy weapon to have.

Magnet Man isn’t just my favorite MM3 boss – he’s my favorite Robot Master period . For some reason his look really spoke to me as a kid, which is a little odd since I wasn’t into magnets or science per se, and a boss like Shadow Man certainly seems “cooler.” But the way he leaps around the stage, and the cool magnetic effects of his stage, made him a standout character. He also gives me a supervillain vibe similar to Elec Man … hm, if the latter reminds me of Electro and was a MM1 favorite, then perhaps part of my Magnet Man affinity is due to his Magneto-like power set?

Ryuji Higurashi (Mega Man series illlustrator)

“Using Mega Man’s new slide move feels so good in the battle with Magnet Man, making him a really fun character from a gameplay standpoint. His design is also very simple and easy to understand. I’m pretty sure you could show him to anyone and ‘Magnet Man’ is what they’d call him.”