MMLC Robot Master List: Air Man

Jul 08, 2015 // Minish Capcom

Number: DWN-010

Weapon: Air Shooter

Weakness: Leaf Shield

A robot with a unique design who has a strong fan installed in his stomach. Be prepared to take some damage and just keep firing at him.

Like Metal Man before him, Air Man was built for combat. His built-in fan can produce powerful gusts that push Mega Man away or generate mini-tornados that fly across the screen. His unique design strays from the usual “humanoid” approach and instead goes for a full-on “evil robot” look; his eyes are built into his torso!

And while he can’t shake the ground like MM1’s Guts Man , Air Man’s sprite is quite large and makes him one of the heftier Robot Masters. If it weren’t for Wood Man he’d tower over the MM2 cast.

Beat Air Man and you’ll walk away with the Air Shooter, which fires the aforementioned mini-tornados in an upward arc. This would be a helpful weapon for areas with enemies above you, but once again the Metal Blade can take care of that with ease. Instead it’s best to use this against Crash Man and maybe Quick Man.

Back in the MM2 days, Air Man was always my first stop due to a suggestion by yesterday’s momentous Nintendo Power coverage . The stage wasn’t too difficult, and other than a few seemingly unavoidable tornado swarms he was an easy boss to beat. As you can see from the photo above, I’m something of a “fan” (wow that wasn’t even intentional) of his design and have a PixelBlock version standing on my desk. Built him with as much excitement as Dr Wily, I bet!

David Oxford, The Mega Man Network (+Robot Master Field Guide)

“For some, he might have been the first Robot Master many a player took on in Mega Man 2, thanks to something of an odd recommendation from Nintendo Power magazine’s guide to the game. For others, the fact that he’s the one Robot Master who somehow managed to generate a very popular meme/song celebrating his inability to be defeated is enough to burn his blue and yellow visage into their minds. And for others still, maybe they just couldn’t get over the bizarre face/head given to him by the Ruby-Spears animated series.

“Of course, it’s how odd it was to see that very head in the first place that helps illustrate part of what makes Air Man so memorable. He was the first to use the type of design that would be named for him — the ‘Air Man Type,’ which is basically when a Robot Master lacks a head and instead has their face placed across a large torso.”