Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record Steamworks transition imminent

Mar 16, 2015 // GregaMan

::UPDATE:: Save migration tool is now live. Hit the jump for full details.

Here’s some news that’s sure to raise both eyebrows and the dead. Zombie slayfests Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record have made their long-awaited transition to Steamworks, and will be available TOMORROW, March 17th, complete with Steam Achievements!

If you already own these games either through Steam (as GFWL titles) or as boxed retail copies, you can acquire a free Steamworks copy by following the instructions below.

Please note that if you have the GFWL version, you can certainly continue playing there. All of our applicable GFWL titles continue to support LIVE features and will function normally.  To continue playing on GFWL Service though, you must maintain a separate installation using the GFWL activation key.

Q: If I already have the GFWL version of the game, how do I get the Steamworks version?

A: If you purchased a retail package GFWL version, you can use the GFWL activation code and redeem it on Steam to get a free copy of the full Steamworks-enabled version. Those who have already purchased the game on Steam or through other online distributors selling Steam keys will automatically be upgraded to the full Steamworks edition.

If you purchased a digital copy directly from the Microsoft GFWL marketplace, you can continue to enjoy thegame(s)on GFWL Service. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a Steamworks transfer for these folks as there is no authentication option available. However, all of our applicable GFWL titles continue to support the features and will function normally. To continue playing on GFWL, you must maintain a separate installation using the GFWL activation key.


Q. Will my save data be compatible with the new Steamworks version?

A: We’ve implemented a save data and Achievements migration tool that’s built right into each game.  The tool will allow you to transfer progress from GFWL to Steam.  However, the game will require that you install and sign into the GFWL client since the game needs to authenticate unlocked Achievements recorded on the GFWL service.  Those who wish to start the game from scratch can skip the GFWL client installation entirely since the save/Achievement migration is optional.

Note the GFWL save data and achievement migration tool will be ready shortly after launch; please stay tuned for an announcement on the official Steam forum. (Go here for DR2 and  here for DR2OTR)

Q: Will the new Steamworks versions support any Steam features? (Steam Trading Cards, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, leaderboards, etc.)

A: DR2 and DR2:OTR will support the standard suite of Steamworks features including Matchmaking, Achievements, Leaderboards, Cloud save, and Trading Cards (Trading Cards will be coming at a later date).

Q: Will previous DLC carryover from GFWL to Steam?

A: Unfortunately, DLC content purchased directly from Microsoft’s GFWL Marketplace store will not carry over to Steam due to the lack of CD/activation key.  Those who wish to play the game with their DLC can continue to do so with the GFWL version of the game installation and under the GFWL service.

::UPDATE 5/20/15::

Thanks for your patience everyone, the save migration tool for DR2 and DR2OTR for Steamworks is now live. The tool will allow you to transfer progress from GFWL to Steam.

  1. Boot the title.
  2. Proceed to the Main Menu.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Select Import Games for Windows Live.
  5. Select yes at the prompt
  6. Select the “DR2SAVE.DR2S” file for DR2, or any of the following for DR2OTR: “DCPHOTO.DPF,” “DCSAV01.DSF,” “DCSAV02.DSF,” or “DCSAV03.DS”
  7. Maximize the title.
  8. Select OK at the import successful prompt.
  9. Go back to the Main Menu.
  10. Select Start game
  11. Load the save file.

Please note that although we had originally intended to also migrate the GFWL Achievements alongside the save data migration, due to technical reasons, the tool is only able to transfer over the save data only and not the Achievements.  Note that some, but not all, achievements will unlock as a result of transferring your save.  We apologize for any inconvenience but hope you will continue to enjoy the game on Steam.

In addition to the save import, the following issues have been addressed:

  • Added in support for the X1 controller.
  • Fixed a crash for users with usernames longer than 24 characters.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when PC audio quality setting are set over 48000hz