MH4U new monster subspecies: Shrouded Nerscylla, Desert Seltas and more

Jan 26, 2015 // Yuri Araujo

Can you believe we’re less than 3 weeks away from MH4U launch? I’m definitely excited and looking forward to it… but in the meantime, here’s another round of monster subspecies you’ll only find (and hunt) in  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate !

Desert Seltas Desert Seltas Queen

Similar to the regular Seltas couple, but paralysis inducing attacks and unique tandem animations…


Tidal Najarala

A denizen of the Frozen Seaway, but with deadly water projectile attacks.


Shrouded Nerscylla

As the name suggests, a Nerscylla that is sneakier than ever… and full of fatal combos!


And with that, we conclude this particular list… As you can see, we’re not only bringing you new monsters, but also new subspecies for the new monsters; and I will say the fights against these creatures feel very different from their regular counterparts. Less than 3 weeks, everyone!