New Enemy Pics from Revelations 2 Revealed

Jan 06, 2015 // Neil Gortz

This morning we uploaded a new batch of pics from Resident Evil Revelations 2  – take a look after the jump to see some new enemies


Pictured below are the Sploder and Othrus as well as a new high res pic of the Revenant.



A creature made up of multiple bodies sewn together. Very tough and presents a real challenge even when facing just one of them. The virus that has multiplied inside them forms a ‘core’ which is a weak point you can attack for massive damage. If you use Natalia’s special ability you can “see” where the core is on each enemy.


Wild beasts infected by some kind of virus. Small, nimble and vicious, they attack in packs, so it’s best to try to take each one out as soon as possible before they overwhelm you. They have been spotted in both Claire and Barry’s sections.


A mutated version of the Afflicted. The pustules on their body can potentially explode when attacked, so make sure you take them out from a distance. Their explosions releases a vile liquid which can blind the player. Perhaps Moira’s flashlight can keep them at bay?

Check out the Resident Evil Facebook page for the full album including shots of these guys in action