Reminder: Capcom Cup This Saturday

Dec 11, 2014 // ComboFiend

I hope everyone is getting their body ready for what will undoubtedly be the one of the greatest fighting game events ever: Capcom Cup . 16 players have fought long and hard for their chance at the $50,000 prize pool as well as the prestige of calling themself the best in the world in USFIV.

In addition to high level USFIV, there will also a special Street Fighter V annoucnement from Ono-san as well as the first live ever game play demonstration!

Keep reading for more information on the 16 participants, which have been brought to us by Eventhubs and Ultrachen , and be sure to visit the official Capcom Cup site for both the stream and a live bracket this Saturday, December 13th, beginning at 10:30 am PST.

The 16 players in attendance for the Capcom Cup have all proven their worth through their amazing performances this year. Below you can find match analysis on certain players as well as interviews hosted by Eventhubs .

Daigo Umehara match analysis 

Snake Eyes match analysis

Momochi match analysis

Bonchan match analysis

Ricky Ortiz match analysis

Xian match analysis

Infiltration match analysis and interview

Ryan Hart match analysis and interview

Nuckledu match analysis and interview

PR Balrog match analysis and interview

Justin Wong match analysis and interview

Fuudo match analysis and interview

Chu Chu match analysis and interview

Luffy match analysis and interview

Nishkin match analysis and interview

Valmaster   match analysis


Don’t forget, there will also be an USFIV Omega Character exhibition as well as music from The Megas and DJ A-Rival and once again, new information on Street Fighter V and the first ever live game play demonstration.

This will definitely be the event you don’t want to miss!