PSA: Dead Rising 3 PC Patch 4 available now

Oct 15, 2014 // GregaMan

Heads up that another Dead Rising 3  PC patch has just gone live! This one will address the crash-on-boot issue some players have still been experiencing, as well as an issue affecting those playing the game in Russian. We want to say thank you to the community for providing us with information that led to the fixes for the crash on boot issue. It was a bug which was easy to fix but hard to find, and continued support really has paid off. The full change list is below: 

  • Fixed an issue which would cause the game to crash on boot for players running the game from a hard drive with a sector size that is different from their C Drive 
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the game to crash in a specific area when playing in Russian.

We also want to comment on some of the issues people are having when trying to force SLI and Crossfire to work. Some players have set up their systems to force usage of both GPUs by default, and some players have tried to force SLI/Crossfire ON while playing DR3. While this can benefit some games, DR3 PC does not make use of dual-GPUs. If your system is set to force dual-GPU usage when playing games, you can expect to see lower frame rates when compared to not forcing this setting. 

If you happen to still be experiencing any issues with the game, please report them in this Steam thread .