Mega Man X4, out now on NA PlayStation Store

Sep 02, 2014 // Minish Capcom

This may be a slightly controversial statement, but Mega Man X4, one of the greatest Mega Man games of all time, is out now on the PlayStation Store in North America. That means the original PSone Classic is at your fingertips, playable on PS3 and PS Vita.

First released in 1997, this outing saw X and Zero join forces to stop Repliforce, a group of Reploids caught up in a traitorous scheme orchestrated by… well, this is slightly spoiler-y, but uh, yeah it’s Sigma causing all the trouble. Surely that’s not ruining the moment for anyone?

Along the way you’ll tackle classic bosses like Cyber Peacock and Magma Dragoon, plus meet characters like Double and Iris (the one for whom Zero fights, we assume). With its amazing soundtrack, two campaigns and memorable bosses, it’s a true classic, and one we’re happy to bring to the PSone Classics lineup.

And if X4 isn’t enough… X5 is coming next week! AND Mega Man X3 is out on Wii U!