Remember Me Nilin cosplayers are memorably awesome!

May 28, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

Can we all agree that Nilin’s outfit is super cool? I think these sylish cosplayers will agree with me. =)

I know it’s a rather simple costume, but that’s exactly where it shines. It uses simplicity to highlight a couple of key features, while remaining totally functional!

The cosplay above is from  Aicosu , but keep scrolling to see some more rad ones.

stylechameleon in the “Streets of Neo-Paris”

stylechameleon “Get me out”

Nilin (with Spammer!) by Amiko

Looks like Deltarr saw the awesome potential in Amiko’s cosplay photo and decided to photoshop the Remember Me background and logo… almost looks like it could be the game’s boxart!