MH3U aluminum 3DS cases for only $9.99 this week!

May 27, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

UPDATE 2: the store page shows the cases as “BACKORDERED” but you can still get them at the discount price. We’re just waiting for the shipment to arrive. =)

For those of you holding off on these sweet 3DS cases, now’s a perfect time to finally get them since…

…they’re giong for only  $9.99 this week !

UPDATE: Looks like the XL cases just sold out!
There are still some Standard size cases left, though.

These protective aluminum cases come in 2 flavours: devilish red Stygian Zinogre (pictured above) and (S)lime green Brachydios, so you can coordinate that to match your 3DS color.

(Note we have both Standard and XL sizes available!)

One of my favorite features here is the 2-piece design. They’re easily removable, so if you get both you can swap them to fit the occasion… or if you have a  Circle Pad Pro , just remove the bottom piece and  voila !

So head on to the  Capcom Store to get yours today, before they run out! We also ship them internationally!