Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers: Reimagined

Mar 17, 2014 // Chris

Because sometimes, some games go slippin’ through the cracks…

Obviously, the wonderful existence of DuckTales: Remastered kickstarted a beautiful wave of wants and wished when it comes to Disney/Capcom past. But if I had my choice, it’d be Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers , the best dang co-op game on the Nintendo Entertainment System IMO. Likeminded Pixel Artist Simon S. Anderson  has gone a step further than dreaming it, and whipped up this gorgeous concept:

Not only do I love seeing it reimagined as an 16-bit (or more?) game, I gotta give Simon additional props for increasing the scope of one of my biggest cartoon crushes of all-time, Gadget Hackwrench. In exchange for not laughing at me, here, have a Rescue Rangers iOS Wallpaper I made a while back :

C lick to enlarge

[ Via Destructoid ]