The Secret Stuff That Inspired Strider

Mar 14, 2014 // Chris

An alt costume quiz, plus more Strider Easter Eggs and Capcom callouts than you can shake a cypher at!

A few weeks ago, we embarked on a journey to find every Easter Egg, game reference, and Capcom cameo in the all-new Strider game, and we’re pretty proud of the result:

Of course we knew full well we were going to miss a few, so we reached out to you guys to help us fill in the gaps and eventually compile a more thorough list. Today is that day! Eagle-eyed Strider fans sleuthed many a detail that sailed completely over our heads. Here are a couple of our favorites.

“Actually…the sound the ‘POW’ makes when you collect it is the sound the arcade machine would make to let you know that your quarter was successfully eaten.” – Will Hines , via YouTube

“The running charge slash is also a special move taken from Marvel vs Capcom”Priest Double, via YouTube)

“Spice Must Flow and The Circle Is Complete trophies refers to Herbert’s book Dune and Moorcock Elric saga, respectively. Some nice literature references here from Double Helix.” –  StriderCT, via YouTube

Solo’s second form is called ZN-2, which was the type of arcade board Strider 2 shipped on . ” Sam Roberts, via Facebook

“The trophy/achievement for defeating Pei and Nang Pooh is called ‘Another Soulless Copy.’  I’m pretty sure that’s one of Zero’s quotes from MvC3 when both players choose Zero as their first character” – Razor, via Unity (and Asawingy Asagiri and HoodedxREAPERxvia Youtube)

Nice work, guys! And after that… we cheated. In order to wring out every single trivia tidbit we could, we reached out directly to Double Helix for some official info behind the secretest of secret inspiration behind Strider latest outing. Let’s start where the fans above left off : Trophies and Achievements. Not only is almost every unlockable in-game accolade chock full of geeky goodness, there’s incredibly deep Strider nods even the most hardened Hiryu fan might’ve missed.


Master of Unlocking

Unlock your first Novo gate and you’ll be greeted with a one of the most infamous lines in Resident Evil history. See it here in all its cornball glory .

I Got You

Awarded to Hiryu for defeating Solo, these Cheevo’s pretty poetic considering it’s something Solo used yell at Strider in the cutscenes from the original game.

Death of the Iron Ruler

In the original Strider game, General Mikiel is (con)joined by his fellow officers to form what we here at Unity affectionately refer to as “The Senatepede.” Of course, the boss’s name is actually Ouroboros, The Iron Ruler.

Equal in the Face of Death

Fans of Strider in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will recognize this as Strider’s win quote. Plus its some pretty cold **** to say to someone before you kill ’em

Red Dragon Awaits

No, this Achievement isn’t teasing future DLC or anything. Red dragon is actually a reference to the final level in the NES Strider, which gets a healthy dose of acknowledgment in the new game, as we’ve detailed here and here .

That’s No Moon

So in 1977, there was this tiny independent movie called “Star Wars.” You probably haven’t seen it, but there’s this character named Han Solo (pronounced “H-On So-Low”, FYI) who mistakes this thing called a “Death Star” for a celestial satellite orbiting a larger body.

I Am Your Master

Unlocked after beating Meio Prime, this is yet another reference to that obscure aforementioned film “The Star Wars.” Apparently this there’s a character who lives inside this black iron lung thing, and he gets in a fight with some guy named Oby… I don’t know, I think he’s homeless or something. Ba, ba, bah, one of them says the line above.

The Circle in Now Complete

So remember that movie we just mentioned about the star battles? This one where the black dude and the hobo are fighting? This is a reference to a line that occurs during that exact same scene, which I must’ve missed since I’ve never seen the entire thing. Let’s assume the good guy wins!


Instead of just telling what each of the unlockable outfits in Strider is referencing, we decided to let you find out for yourself. Plus we couldn’t think of any way to incorporate those image slider thingy’s we used back when we were showcasing RE4 HD’s texture-tastic facelift. Slide the image to see the secret Capcom inspiration. But seriously, try and guess first! [ NOTE:  Not visible on mobile browsers]

The Strider Ouga outfit is based on…

The Strider Rouga outfit is based on…

The Strider Shouyo outfit is based on…

The Strider Kuga outfit is based on…

The Strider Hoen outfit is based on…

The Strider Hien outfit is based on…

The Strider Shinden outfit is based on…

PENCILS DOWN! So how’d you score?! Oooo, well at least there’s room for improvement… like this very article! Let us know of anything else we missed and we’ll update this article with more Easter Eggy goodness.