Classic Strider Presents: The Worst Valentines Ever

Feb 14, 2014 // Chris

This Valentines Day… say it with Strider

So while Gregaman and I were gathering footage from just about every Strider game and in-gamer appearance for our amazing, colossal Strider retrospective , we began to notice a startling trend. Strider Hiryu, despite having been a famously lethal, acrobatic badass for over two decades, gets smack talked with astounding regularity. Even when he’s just scaled a massive satellite dish or finished slicing through a robot gorilla, there’s no shortage of naysayers waiting in the wings to call him foolish and weak. As a tribute to that disrespectful treatment and this ultra-mushy day of days, we fashioned several Valentine delights featuring classic Strider trash talk. XOXO