Throwback Thursdays: Resident Evil 4 PC

Feb 06, 2014 // Minish Capcom

Tune in at 4pm Pacific to see a live demo of Resident Evil 4 PC! At nine years old, RE4 totally counts as a “classic,” but this latest version brings it into the modern era. The best of both worlds!

We’ll be streaming the game at high settings (and at 60fps) so it’s a great chance to see the game in action. That said, the best possible viewing option would be these gameplay videos that are available for download – watch ’em on your own machine for maximum effect!

The HD gameplay clip is quite large, and recorded at a high bitrate, so if it happens to stutter or lag… try a different machine 🙂

OR you can try an alternate player, such as VLC. That seems to work for most folks.

Anyway, hop over to our Twitch channel at 4pm!