Meet the Characters of Dustforce

Jan 24, 2014 // Chris

Get to know the delicate differences between Dustman, Dustgirl, Dustkid, and Dustworth!

Have you had a chance to check out Dustforce yet? No?! Well, here, watch this little primer and jump back in with the rest of us down below.

Okay, there was one fairly important Dustforce detail we didn’t mention in that video above. You may have noticed there are four distinct titans of tidieness, and that option is hardly due to cosmetic reasons. This is (technically) a Capcom game after all, and I’m sure we don’t have to tell Street Fighter fans that all of that initially imperceptible minutia under the hood of selectable characters can be harnessed to make all the difference in the world.

Dustforce is no exception, and it won’t take you long to discover that Dustman, Dustgirl, Dustkid, and Dustworth have unique attributes and abilities that yield specific advantages/disadvantages in certain situations. But DON’T BE INTIMIDATED! You probably won’t even need to be aware of these details until a couple hours into the game, we’re laying a few out there for when you do. [Big, big shoutout to invert , who provided much of the unofficial intel  via Steam  including the four point scale you’ll find the characters graded below. These are not official stats from Hitbox Team nor Capcom, so they are subject to debate.]


Weapon: Broom
Advantage: Light Attack Range

Jump Height: B
Fall Speed: B
Light Attack Range: B
Heavy Attack Range: C
Attack Speed: C

The defacto front man of Dustforce’s merry band of janitorial warriors, Dustman is an excellent starter character in that he’s a fairly versatile “all-around” character. As you can see, almost all of his stats hover around “slightly above average” and you could probably spend your first couple hours clearing stages as Dustman alone.


Weapon: Push Broom
Advantage: Heavy Attack Range

Jump Height: B
Fall Speed:  B
Light Attack Range: C
Heavy Attack Range: B
Attack Speed:  C

Dustgirl is the perfect counterpart to Dustman, mostly because she shares a lot of his attributes. Above average jumps, speed, and light attacks. Yet while we feel they’d probably make a great couple, Dustgirl’s superior heavy attack range is sure to give old Dustman a complex. 


Weapon: Dual Dusters
Advantage : Attack Speed, Triple Jump

Jump Height:  C
Fall Speed:  C
Light Attack Range:  D
Heavy Attack Range:  D
Attack Speed:  A

She may be short on stature, but Dustkid sure ain’t short on heart! The first thing you’ll notice is that the lass with the purple pom-poms has a rather impressive Triple Jump, one boost more than any other character in the game. For what she lacks in range, she more than makes up for in maneuverability while in the air and longer jumps.  


Weapon: Vacuum
Advantage: Jump Height

Jump Height: A
Fall Speed: C
Light Attack Range:  A
Heavy Attack Range:  A
Attack Speed:  D

This lifelong janitor is getting on in years, so don’t expect Dustworth to move as quickly as the younglings above. However, he more than makes up for that drawback with his impressive attack range and verticality. Dustworth is far more capable of leaping to hard-to-reach places, plus his extended vacuum blast means he can spend more time away from grimy surfaces while using his superior hang time to his advantage.


Hope that’s a good primer for ya. But wait, there’s more!

Here’s a nifty little showcase on the minor/major differences between the four characters’ jump abilities. YouTuber TheBirdofPrey cleverly uses in-game blocks to measure the height and distance each character is capable of achieving from a resting stance. Check it out, and remember to give Dustforce a look on PS Vita (with numerous ways to save !), PS3, and Xbox 360 very soon.