Dustforce: From Newbie to Pro

Jan 23, 2014 // Chris

Watch Capcom Unity get their **** handed to them by the best Dustforce player on Earth!

In case you missed our Dustforce stream over on our Twitch channel , here’s a wonderful little YouTube archive of the events. Basically, we shoved poor Brelston into the game for the first time and made him play levels fresh. Then for comparison’s sake, we showed off the same level, only this time as completed in epic fashion by Thor, one of the best Dustforce players in the world! WATCH: 

What the video showcases very well IMO (other than some ridiculously pro-level play, obviously) is the two ways different kinds of players can approach Dustforce. You can play it like you would any other platforms by going from point A to point B throughout its +50 levels and have a perfectly good time. Or if you prefer, you can tackle each level with an eye towards Double-S rankings, attempting to nail the perfect speedrun and/or the most complete cleaning combo.

Personally, I like doing both, but I absolutely love that I can approach the game differently depending on what kind of mood I’m in. Either way, playing the game normally will incrementally increase your skill whether you like it or not, and you’re gonna need to up your game eventually, in order to access some of the later stages, and especially to tackle some of those +150 free DLC levels coming after the game’s launch.  

Dustforce is coming to consoles very soon, February 4th for PS Vita with a bunch of way to save thanks to the PS Vita PLAY program ( 20% OFF during its launch week for PlayStation Plus subscribers !) We’ll keep you posted on the launch details for PS3 and Xbox 360, so stay tuned