Ultras and Supers for the New USFIV Characters

Nov 23, 2013 // ComboFiend

For the last few weeks I’ve been showing more and more of the four new characters in Ultra shy of them actually in motion. Well all that changes today as you finally get to see them showing off their new supers and Ultras! Of course there are pictures as well (if you want to save them as your computer background), but the videos do so these brand spanking new Ultras so much more justice!

First up, Rolento. In Street Fighter x Tekken, we saw a rather cool new Super Art in Patriot Sweeper. Although this Super Art looked decent enough, it was not the two signature supers, “Grenade Sweeper” and “Take no Prisoners” that players have come to know and love. After looking at the four new characters’ Ultras and Supers, I honestly feel that Take no Prisoners is one of the coolest new Ultras amongst the new characters; if not one of the coolest Ultras period! 

Grenade Sweeper

Take No Prisoners

Rolento Super and Ultra video

Poison’s up next. Giving her a Super and Ultra that match her persona were something that were taken into account during their creation. In SFxT, her Super Art, “Love Storm” set the bar in terms of what Poison’s all about, so anything less than that would be waste. In USFIV, she’s been given a new Ultra, which kicks anything else you may have seen out the park! 

Thunder Whip

Love Storm

Poison Super and Ultra Video

Next up is the last member of the Mad Gear Gang, Hugo. In Street Fighter III, Hugo’s Supers Hammer Mountain and Megaton Press were pretty cool and had their uses. I think that they have been more than faithfully introduced into Ultra, with Megaton Press easily being one of, if not the best Ultra in SF4.

Hammer Mountain

Gigas Breaker

Hugo Super and Ultra video

Last but not definitely not least, the Capoeira queen, Elena herself. In SFxT she had one of her signature Street Fighter III Super Arts, Brave Dance, so it was a no brainer to add the two that were missing: Spinning Beat and Healing. I really feel that Healing exudes Elena’s love for the Earth and fun spirit across pretty nicely.

Spinning Beat


Elena Super and Ultra video

Well that’s all for right now. What do you guys think? These Ultras of course will still be refined a bit more so they achieve that Street Fighter look and feel, but I’d say that these are definitely heading in the right direction.